BRICK & MORTAR - vintage shopping

In a little town called New Westminister here in the Greater Vancouver area
we have a new vintage shop that goes by the name

New Westminister really isn't a little town but it is one of the oldest.

From the street you are welcomed with fragrant flowers and wonderful window displays.

Many ppl go antiquing in the shops along Front Street,
but Brick & Mortar Living is just around the corner on Begbie Street

The shop is filled with Rediscovered treasures,
and hand made items.

I personally adore this cherry blossom print and have similar photos stored away
in my files. Maybe one day I will be have one of my own to hang on the wall.

It is one of those places you just love to look around at all the creative ideas
and enjoy the atmosphere before you take a little piece home with you.

And I'll tell you a secret ...
the prices are good too.

If you look closely in the picture above
you can see George in the mirror having a chat with the Jenn, the shop owner.

Does this give any of you ladies ideas?

Before I go, let me share a little mental picture that makes my laugh when I think about it.
It includes a vintage typewriter used as a planter (yes Elisa it's your story)
If you take a typewriter such as this one below and use it as a planter it looks extremely charming
but do you also realize every child in the vicinity will still hit the keys but now dirt goes flying everywhere.
I just had to share that in the hopes you can visualize it.

When you stop in to see Jenn at Brick & Mortar Living be sure to mention I sent you.

Here is a link with the store's address and hours:

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I swear I'm going to be stealing from the Etsy
stock more than I should. Just look at how amazing some
of the  firstfinds inventory is ...

There is a nice selection of shabby chic hardware that can be used in all sorts of projects.

You could mount these chippy daisy knobs on a reclaimed board to make a cute coat hanger
for a girl's bedroom.

If you only want a couple from a larger set,
I will split them up for you, just let me know.

There is a large assortment of Chippendale handles to choose from, with more coming.

You can use these 4 back plates (shown below with glass knobs)
to enhance a set of knobs you already have.

They can also be used vertically on cabinet doors.

So hurry on over to firstfinds and make this girl happy.

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THE LIONS DESK - my desk

My new desk started with several broken or missing legs when I bought it.
I was able to removed what was there and repaired
what I could and these legs will be used for another project.

I've had a set of amazing antique claw feet waiting for just the right project,
(you can see them below)
what better project than my own shabby chic curvy white desk.

The desk wasn't a priority to work on as I had other furniture to get finished.
But then out of the blue I had a complete day of no creativity.
My Mojo was just gone!
It was unnerving, unsettling, and can you imagine how hard it was for George to be around me!
And what I mean is not a lazy day watching movies, I mean 0 creative ability yet tonnes of mess made.

Fortunately the next morning I was running full speed and created something unexpected.

I started working on this poor vanity piece that had it's legs cut short.
The pictures are deceiving, it is only 22 inches high.
I built a shelf display to add to the top with the intent it would be another great kitchen piece.

It looked good but I found there was a disconnect between the 2 pieces in style.
I white washed the back boards just before bring it in because of an impending rain storm. 

The only available place to put it while it was inside was on the new desk I was waxing.
In that moment we both stood back and agreed they belong together, and we were keeping it.

My new desk has been added to our home tour page,

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THE BIRTHDAY CHAIR - antique white chair

I finished painting and upholstering that green vintage desk chair
I showed you last week. It was done for a special little girl's birthday.

I have a lot of ppl ask if upholstery is easy,
my answer is usually always the same.
It is the tear down that is horrible.

You are dealing with rusty staples and tacks, and this chair had been
re-upholstered before, making it almost impossible to get all the old staples out.
I actually used an angle grinder to deal with most of them. (don't do this at home)
Sometimes you also find animal hair, grass, cotton, and burlap,
all of which are dusty and dirty. So this is not my favorite thing to do.

Once I get past all that and start to rebuild, repaint, and reupholster
I find it fun!

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NOT JUST ANY WORD WILL DO - apothecary cabinet

It was a nice looking 1930's china cabinet with a few issues.

Most of the issues dated the cabinet and made people look the other way, so I fixed it.

I did not care for the pointy designs that embelished this cabinet,
the 2 side panels and door were removed and the piece along the top.
This door will be saved for another project down the line.

Before starting a tear down like this
take your time to understand how each piece was originally attached.
This will go along way in getting a clean look when finished.

I replaced the whole front with a new set of doors making
it much easier to access the storage of the shelves.

Here is my first attempt at tackling the glass art and frosting,
Not the right font nor the right word.

Mistakes always offer a clearer direction.

The letters I used to create the reverved stencil are made of vinyl.
I make them myself the old fashioned away with a printer and a pair of scissors.
No fancy Silhouette machines here!
I created the arched effect in Word Art and mimic the arch shape with green tape for the next step.

I used Martha Steward Craft Paints in a color called WEDDING CAKE and sprayed it with my paint
 gun. They are available at Michaels and it adheres to multi surfaces including glass and is available
 in any color you can imagine.
The graphic is available here:


A person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs.

druggist - chemist - pharmacist - dispenser


Stop in to see what's available at firstfinds.

1000's of pieces of recycled furniture and cabinet hardware to choose from


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