GEORGE IS A GONER - cabinet transformation

I remember that morning we were running late because someone slept in.
It was one of those Saturdays I enjoy so much, spending time with George, getting out
to all the yard sales and finding other ppls crap I can make into something wonderful.
I still had to make a delivery and an install before we could make any stops.
Heading down the road I spotted this cabinet and my heart started to pound in my chest.
Unsure if it was the A&W I just ate or the treasure I just saw it was time to get my hands back
on the wheel or get a ticket for not using a hands free device while driving.
George has an affinity for yard sales even when I am not there so he dropped
me off and back he went. George is a mighty force to be reckoned with but when it comes to dirt,
he's a goner.
Poor George picked up this filthy, spider ridden cabinet for me. 
He was a one man crew picking up and loading this piece into my truck.
Once he returned you had to see his face, his dirty white shirt, and hear the story only he could tell,
With a piece that was this grimmy
I had to clean, sand, paint and wax the interior shelves,
lined all the drawers as well as the inside back panels.
There was some damage to the bottom edges so I cut that right off and added new legs.
Mixed up a lovely antique cream color of paint, added some iron scroll work to trick your eye
away from the building block shape, and installed a mirror into the door.

There are some new treasures to be found at
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OH MY BACK - bedside cupboards

My back is a large part of why I finally chose to stay home and work.
I did love my *real* job but I was coming home daily in so much pain it wasn't worth while anymore.
The other day as I began working on these bedside cabinets I bent over to pick something up.
Back issues are quite normal for me as I have been dealing with them for a
large part of my life and I am weakest holding things in front of me.
As I started to stand up I gave a little cough and a shooting pain ripped across my back. 

Needless to say I continued to work on these precious little guys,
but George was home standing over me making sure I took it easy.
We found them on our recent Thrift Shop Hop which turned into
a true Garage Sale Grind as we treated one lucky lady to a day filled with fabulous yard sales.
I painted them in old white, added new legs, and glass hardware.

The interior cabinets have been lined,

along with the drawers.
And here are a couple of the new treasures that can be found at

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THE JOYS OF BLACK WAXING - boys black bookshelf

I love to wax black paint!
I love to wax graphite chalk paint!
I really really do!
I hope if I say it enough it might make it true.
I've been playing around with these little cabinets for some time.
I wanting to transform them into a cute set of bedside tables. 

Ideally some baskets for the openings, second hand of course because that is what I do.
99% of ever bit I use is recycled!
My screws and nails are bought at yard sales and discount stores, buying wood at a
lumber store is out of the question, and if I want baskets for cubbies they must be repurposed.
Guess what .... I didn't find them.
At this point I started to work at combining the two together into some needful thing ...

The front legs are harp arms from a vintage mirror, the top is a maple coffee table,
and the lower trim is the apron from the same table.
Just in the nick of time I got a message "I need a bookshelf for my son's room"
With the dimensions I was given this piece would work!

This bookshelf would need just a bit more shelving on top so with the kind help
of some pine headboards I was able to crown it off just right.
Now I had to wax the beast! 
I hate waxing black paint!
I hate waxing graphite chalk paint!
No matter how often I do it I really don't enjoy it! 

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CHANGES- bedroom inspiration

There is always something going on around here with furniture and decor
but right now the plans are kinda big and ambitious.
I have finished another piece for our new bedroom and it complements our plans and color very well.
I'm sure you will see more details of this transformation as the room comes together.
This picture below will give you an idea of the direction we want to go in.
That's not to say the wall are going to be painted blue or I'm going to pull out a sewing machine
to make those gorgeous window treatments, it's just a feeling we are after.
Dream Plans
Now you can see the big difference in what we have vs. what we desire.
That means a few pieces have to go.
Current Look
The large cherry storage unit to the left above and the dark chandelier pictured below is another.

But do not worry all this furniture displacement has not stopped me from still creating.
I am currently finishing up this darling little graphite piece.

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HOW TO RE-PURPOSE OLD FURNITURE - two matching display cabinets

I call them "The Nouveau Brothers" because
they are twins and I added a little art deco
styling to them. I built these cabinet using
all re-purposed parts from different
unwanted pieces of furniture. But the
inspiration that started them off was found
in a very unique pieces of furniture.

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I thought this dresser looked very Spanish these four arches across the front,
so I nicknamed it the Spanish Console.
It almost looks like 12 small drawers but it really is only 6 drawers, 3 on each side.
I changed the original hardware for mini ceramic knobs hand made in India.
I opened the center up for a shelf by taking out 3 center drawers and painting inside.
I worked on this piece in sections and over a few weeks because I'm very limited with space
so it is hard for me to work on a piece that is 71" long effectively.

I added wonderful large loft style castors so it would move easy and look great.

I saved the warm walnut finish on top and found a matching shelf for inside.

It was used as a TV console before I got it so the transformation into a Media Center only made sense.

BEFORE                                            AFTER
I don't have a loft space to photograph it in but try to imagine how magnificent it would be
in that kind of home.

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NOUVEAU BROTHERS - matching shelf cabinets

The brothers are finished after 10 months.
Yes I started these last October and I'll explain why it took so long very soon.

The upper cabinets have a hinged glass panel with an art nouveau design I hand painted on the glass.

I'll talk about all the details and bits that went into making these beauties next time.
There is still so much gathering and editing of pictures because I used parts from over 8 different
salvaged items to build them.

The color is a creamy white and they have light edge distressing.
The knobs are white ceramic and the legs are cast iron.

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THE CRYSTAL OCTOPUS - jen's chandelier

Most who read my blog and follow my adventures
already know I love working with wood but I also enjoy working with other vintage finds.
The other thing I am very proud of is the ability to take a friend's needs
and desires and create it for them.

A very good client and now close friend has been seeking just the right chandelier.
It had to be large in diameter yet shallow in height for her lower ceilings.
The right one was just not available no matter where we looked.

So I told her to leave it with me and I'll see what I can do.
That is where the monster octopus road side chandelier came in.
This thing had so many arms and was in such disarray I could never quite count how many
arms there actually was. Finally when I started to take it apart I got the count of 21.
I have worked with lamps, chandeliers, and general light fixtures for many years and understand
they really are just bits and pieces of a jigsaw puzzle but together in a pleasing form.
You can mix and match all sorts of parts together.

I started with the center of the octopus which had 6 arms and began adding
decorative bits top and bottom. It's trial and error what will look good so
I continued rebuilding my jigsaw puzzle over and over till I found the pleasing shape I wanted.

Once she was built and painted came the many long hours of adding wonderful sparkling crystals.
I drilled holes for hanging hooks and hand tied beads in just the right places.
I only manage to do about 2-3 chandeliers in a year because
they take countless hours to fiddle with.

I would not show my friend the final look through emailed photos because I wanted to see
her reaction in person and getting a pictures of a chandelier that
actually looks as good as it does in person is difficult.

She said "I'm so jealous, ... but it's mine and I can't wait to get it home"

It really is a masterpiece and so beautiful in person. I hope I have taken the right photos to
share with you so you can see for yourself.

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