CRAYON REMOVER - ball n claw foot table

 There was once this wonderful Ball n Claw Foot pedestal table,
that was once not so wonderful ... 
I have been looking for just the right top to match up to this handsome pedestal.
Low and behold along came this thick pine slab, covered in pencil and crayon.
Unfortunately this magnificent art work had to be removed.
Plz keep in mind that this next tip works best for raw wood.

Acetone and fine woodworkers steel wool will easiely remove and clean the wood.
Acetone will also remove any finish you may have on your project so use it with caution.
The top is in one solid piece that can be removed for transport and has a high gloss waxed shine.

The pedestal and four legs on this table are very thick and stately.

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SPRAY PAINTING A GUINEA PIG - christine's table

This week I have been bouncing back and forth between 3 different tables.

This is the smallest of the bunch.
She's a cute little table but finicky on repairs.
One leg support had to be rebuilt, all the legs needed to be shimmed and screwed,
and the drawer had to be tightened and re-glued.
I even used her as a Guinea pig during my workshops.
Here is Karen about to attack!
She is going to be used as a coffee table in Christine's living space.
She was built with quarter sawn oak and now painted in a creamy white.
She looked so good in my space after the photo shoot
I let her stay dressed up for the evening. 


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So let's talk chairs! 
Calling all local bloggers,
and I especially mean ....
reach into your bag of tricks and see what you can do to help
this event become a bigger success the second time around.
I know you all have a chair you can get your hands on and
make it over for this charity event.
 How about ....
maybe a desk chair                                       a turquoise chair

a little vintage chenille chair                             black and white chair

 a little burlap                                           a numbered chair

 a toile chair                                                      jack chair
For those considering to attend this live auction to bid on your very own remade chair
this is the chair I won last year and George has been enjoying ever since.

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I'd like to take a quick moment to impress upon you the extent of
damage there was on this piece of furniture.

What was I thinking?
 better yet ...
What were they thinking?

Both sides of this little night stand looked like this.

This stuff inside the drawer was glued down.
You do realize the child that owned this could now
be grown up and watching me fix this.


Eventually I got it cleaned up using acetone on the ink,
WD-40 on the stickers, sand paper on anything too tough
and finally a good wash with soap and water, then repainted.

That's when the transformation into something new
and exciting really started.

I used an small kitchen cabinet door and cut the
bottom profile to match then hinged it in place

Next I used some more kitchen doors to build
the sides of a shelf tower.

I topped the tower with this wooden wall hook thingy that I 
picked up on one of our THRIFT SHOP HOPS

For the back I used tongue and groove bead board
bought at a yard sale.

Then the last few details were added ...

A piece of ornate metal work from a trellis and some
glass hardware for the cupboard and drawer.

She is now the most attractive bathroom storage
cabinet in the land.

I have a feeling I might have to do a few 
more of these storage towers.

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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