GOLDEN ERA DEJA VU - night stands

Déjà vu, from French, literally "already seen"
You maybe thinking you have already seen these night stands
Even thinking it was just a few days ago
Well the truth is I found another perfect set on our thrift shop hop
and came home to work on them right away.
So yes you are seeing something very similar again but with their own magic.

I'm calling this set *The Golden Era Pair*
because of the warm caramel color showing through
from the maple colonial finish, and a hint of gold edging on the kick.

In person they are rich like honey!


The hardware is from the twenties, and unfortunately I didn't have matching swing handles
for the bottom drawers but you barely notice.

They have been painted with 50% Old White & 50% Pure White.
I get asked a lot which ASCP white color I use most of and the answer is ....
I use them both equally.

 In the olden days, you know before ASCP I used a custom mixed creamy white color
that could be used in both pure white decorating and off white decorating.
Mixing the 2 ASCP whites at 50% achieves that same perfect mix.

So if you can't decide which white is for you, try mixing them.

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