When someone asks me what I recommend for a hard durable finish for a surface I always suggest
Minwax's wipe on poly because I remember the first time I used it. It was easy to understand and
follow the directions that are offered on the can and the resulting finish is very hard and durable.
It is time to refinish the surface of George's old desk and share with you some tips for applying
Wipe On Poly.
This surface was stripped and stained first. Make sure your surface is dry and ready.
#1 wipe away any dust, dirty, or left over stain that might be sitting on the surface

I recommend using a glove and a folded piece of paper towel
 I pour the poly right on the surface of my project
I then wipe it from side to side covering the whole surface in a thin coat

if you have freshly stained your piece your rag will look like this the first time

leave it dry for 4 hours

once dry, lightly sand the surface 220+ grit

re-apply as many times as you like, waiting 4 hours between coats

always move with the grain

after the final light sanding, apply a coat of wax and buff
Each time your finish is drying it collects air born dust particles that create a rough texture.
Sanding between coats will eliminate that roughness and giving it a final coat of wax makes it super smooth and soft.
Wipe on poly will yellow light colored surfaces.

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