Officially today is the first day of summer!! YIPPEE
I am writing to you this morning fresh out of the shower, towel on my head, white terry
 robe, eating bananas in raisin bran, looking out the window in anticipation ...
 only to see another miserably wet day.

Most of this week has been wet and unsettled but it makes for great inside play time.
Which is what I have been doing working on these chairs I shared with you yesterday.


I finished one of the chairs using ASCP Provence and Old White.
The frame was first painted in Provence, then in a light blue made from
mixing Provence and Old White. The carved details were then hand painted with
old white.

You can see the bright blue of the Provence peaking through the light blue.

 Now to address some of the upholstery questions I have been getting about these chairs.

Cotton batting to soften the edges of the seat.

The chair backs needed new foam so I cut new 1" thick pieces that fit the shape.
The upholstery I used is heavy cotton twill drop cloth.

And finally off white gimp was used to trim the seat and back. 

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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