MISFIT HANDLES - shabby chic chest of drawers

One of the many repurposing projects I have
undertaken is finding new ways to use vintage
hardware. Whether I find one lonely handle or
12 ugly ones I collect them until some great
sets can be created. I started using the word
"MISIFT" to describe the unique collection
of hardware when I was listing them in my
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PHARMACY CABINET - shabby chic build with an old window

I like building things with wood. I keep a lot of wood
bits stored for when I want to build something. I find
building furniture very rewarding, and building furniture
using old windows from the past gets me more than
excited. This tall Pharmacy Cabinet was made with
several different vintage pieces.

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This is a quick video I took of how I clean
my wax brushes. I did struggled with an
effective and easy way to get my brushes
clean until I tried this.
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I had a fun photo shoot with a vintage reclaimed
cabinet that I rebuilt. I used several vintage suit
cases, a large reed basket, some old pop crates,
an old window and my new canvas tote bag. I
love the look and feel of the piece.

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EARTHY GREEN RECIPE - annie sloan chalk paint

I mix a nice Earthy Green color to paint
on George's candles when he request it.
Many have asked for the recipe and I
really had never nailed down how I
made it until now. #earthygreenrecipe
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2 MINUTE WAXING VIDEO - how I use clear wax


I have put together a 2 minute waxing video for anyone
who wants to understand how I wax my ASCP furniture
projects and get a silky smooth finish. The cabinet in the
videos is a single nightstand that was painted in Annie
Sloan Chalk Paint. The edges were sanded before the
waxing started. 
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DISTRESSING & CHANGING - shabby chic sidetables

Autumn is here on the west coast and the winds have
also arrived starting to change how everything looks.
All the leaves are wonderful colors and the winds are
taking them from the trees. A lot of different things are
changing around me including my mother. She has
learned her life style needs to change. She had a small
stroke Christmas eve last year and this fall was for her
to relax and recover from heart surgery. Everything was
going really well until ...  

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This nightstand started out as a home made little box made
completely of quarter inch plywood. I really like working
with plywood because it is super strong and can be worked
with the same way solid woods can be. Plywood in most cases
is even stronger than solid wood. Plywood is a sheet material
manufactured from thin layers or "plies" of wood veneer that
are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood
grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another.
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