WHITE VINTAGE STYLED DESK - metal details & rope handles

SHABBY CHIC OFFICE ... here I come!

I overhauled this next project with different hardware
and paint, I also added some metal details that you 
can all get if you just know where to look.

But first let me show you how this desk originally looked ...

This was taken while I was painting and picking the handles.

And here is the finished piece ... THE AFTER PHOTO

I brush painted a single coat of ASCP Pure White with a small amount of ASCP Cream mixed in.
The white washed effect on the drawers and top was created by distressing with a 120 grit
sand paper dragged in the direction of the grain.

Now to that those metal details I mentioned. The decorative corners and straps I used on the bottom 
front were salvaged from a broken wicker trunk. You know the kind you see people throw out cause 
they have fallen apart? Next time you see one grab it to salvage all the metal bits, store them in a 
baggy until you have the right project and get rid of what is left of the wicker trunk.

The handles I used on this desk came straight from the Etsy shop. If you are looking to
 purchase something similar for your project click this link to see what styles might be available:


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