KITCHEN ISLAND UPDATES - white and turquoise

Lately each morning while working at the kitchen island
I have been hearing a familiar sound coming from outside.
It doesn't lasting long enough for me to get out there and 
before I know I am brushing it off as if I've just imagined it.
But yesterday morning I heard the noise again, and I was at
the front door taking some pictures, the sound was loud and
obvious and I rushed outside to investigate.
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What a mysterious combination of items to include in a blog
title eh? Well the Lilac's are in bloom (they smell amazing)
and I plucked a few for a photo shoot of my small space coffee/tea table. Now that those two items are cleared up let me explain about the scarey heart surgery bit.

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There are lots of ways to create a distressed
finish on painted furniture but I end up always
going back to my trusted sandpaper. While I
was working on these nightstands I took some
photos to share of the different look I get with
different grades of sandpaper.

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