KITCHEN REVEAL - our home tour

Over the last little while I have rediscovered a few areas
in our home and the kitchen is one of the spots I have
focused on. I have also never really done a true reveal 
on this room so it's about time. It all started with a new
set of shelves and spilled over to refinishing the fridge
and even GG's coffee station got a makeover. I'm super
happy with the new look and now it's time to share our
little piece of heaven with you.

I found 3 matching shelves I knew I wanted to paint white and used together. They are made of
wood and were painted dark colors which was perfect for distressing after adding the white paint. 

Our kitchen cabinets are shades of cream and we have accented the rest of the room with white and
 pastels. Blues, Yellows, Pinks, and Greens all have a place in here and we both LOVE IT!!!

We have almost no counter space so I built an island that I do most of our meal prep work at and it 
serves as the buffet counter when we have a family get together. It has three cabinet doors on the sink
 side and inside it stores all our pantry food. I built it years ago from an old cabinet and embellished
 it with lots of trim and corbels. We have two bar stools on the opposite side that I painted in a distressed blue.

I adore this kitchen conversion sign I have hanging by the sink because it was not mass produced
 but hand made right here in Canada. I purchased it from my gal Sue at NOT 2 SHABBY in North Vancouver.

If you want your own custom kitchen conversion sign contact Jodie at
IG - @sweetboyzmarketplace
MU -

Over at GG's coffee station (his fuel of the day)
Two painted tin panelled frames hang side by side over the backsplash.
I added the TEA TIME & COFFEE images.

If you want these number mugs for your home contact The Passionate Home 

The clock above the shelves has not changed but it was painted. It has been
with us since the first time we went shopping together to furnish our home together.

My scale is a real vintage treasure made in England and given to me by my mother. 
It is different than most of the scales I see because it is much shallower and fits in tight places.

The new shelves are great to display my collection of ironstone mixing bowls. They are not just to
 look at in my house, I use them often. Each time I walk down the kitchen isle in a thrift store
 I'm always watching for that tell tale color of vintage off white in the shape of a little bowl. That is
 where I find many pieces. When I reach out and pick one up I feel like I just won the lottery.

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