Last week the trees were all blooming
with tons of flowers and I figured it was
about time to cut some and build a spring
vignette for myself and shoot some photos
of a "new to me" piece of furniture.

The chest of drawers is rugged and rough and everything I love in wood.
I've had it hidden for the last year because I didn't have room for it
but now it has a home with me for a long time to come. I expect you will
see more of it in future photos.

For the vignette I took some pink cuttings from the cherry blossoms that line the front of the field, 
and some white cuttings from the weirdo plum tree no one seems to like but the racoon.





The pretty girl in all the pictures is my daughter a longgg time ago.

A few days later in the middle of the night we were hit with a bad wind storm and many of the
 blossom trees were like umbrellas in the wind and went over. My sister is a 40 minute drive from us
 and found a cherry blossom tree on her car the next morning, luckily little to no damage to the car. 
And here is some photos from the damage in the park where we walk.


We also had some damage right here at home.

(technically after the storm)


On the bright side there are tons of branches to enjoy this week in a bigger vignette. 



The flowers have a nice mild but sweet scent to them.

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