BIG BEAUTIFUL BEDSIDE - white nightstand cabinets

This has been my bedside cabinet for years and
there is a boy version to match it for the other
side of the bed. It was a short, dark, typical
furniture outlet piece before I gave it a complete
makeover. It has been photographed a lot and is
pretty famous on Pinterest but there is one
important piece of information I haven't
mentioned for those wanting their very own.

How much did they cost me to create?

I may be a thrifter but this project was certainly not cheap.
After moving in with GG several years ago we decided to get new furniture. We were
both working professionals but I have always been a thrifter so I started looking on Craig's
list for some nice second hand bedroom furniture. I found a nice dark cherry finished set about 
20 minutes away and after seeing it we were happy and bought the whole thing for hundreds 
of dollars. It didn't take long for the furniture to feel dark and oppressive in our little space.

 Right after getting the bedroom furniture I found a dining set at a local yard sale with the same dark
 cherry finish. I think the owners had over extended themselves and had to recoup some of the cost
 so it wasn't cheap. Something drew me to it so I spent hundreds more dollars
 on this huge beautifully carved dining set that would definitely not fit our little space.

So what did I do with it?
I took the legs off the dining chairs and added them to my bedsides.
These are some seriously expensive legs, but I did recycle the rest of the set into future projects.

Next was to paint our dark cherry furniture with some of the most expensive paint on the market.
More $$$$ signs.

And I can't even remember the cost of the vintage trifold mirror.

It's a darn good thing I adore them so much and now my big beautiful
EXPENSIVE bedsides reside in my old storage room.

BEFORE                     AFTER 

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