ANTIQUE WALL HOOKS - our bedroom

Sometimes I look at other blogs and
see photos of beautiful homes that 
make me question if they are real
or not. I wonder how could I ever
achieve that. The finishes cost a 
fortune and my fortune is dedicated
to more personal things like groceries. I bet many of you also
feel the same way. I hope when I 
offer tips and decor photos that it
feels more doable and affordable.

Some say they love the white I use in my home but with their 
dog or kids they can't do it and I understand that. Once upon
 a time I had GREAT DANES and a growing child,
 and my house was much darker than today but I still chose to fill it with things I loved and paint colors that made me happy.

Any surprise my GREAT DANE was white??

My new bedroom is all about things I love and have collected, not trends or looks. The door was something I fell
 in love with and had to buy long before the room came to 
be. It has been waiting for the right place to be used. It ended
 up being perfect because it now allows extra light into the 
hallway, which was much needed. I found it at a new and
 used material yard and frosted it myself with inexpensive 
paper from the dollar store. You can do it too!!

Looking for a similar decorative switch plate?

Once you are in the room you see I have installed a shelf with
 hooks below. I designed and built this myself using some of
 my antique hooks and wood I have collect. This shelf decor 
will rotate with my moods and seasons the hooks make it is
 super functional.

To install it I drive screws through the face board right into
the studs and then touch them up with a dab of paint.

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