WHITE SECRETARY DESK - vintage wood working

The only thing to suffer during
the making of this secretary was
the house work. This project was
actually built from many pieces
headed to the landfill.

The bottom started as a regular drop front desk needing a fix or two.
I built the top part from recycled bits and pieces.

The main part of the top was an old shelf.
The doors were added originally from a different hutch unit.
The appliques on the doors were picked up at a yard sale.
The hardware is salvaged from another cabinet.
The crown molding on top was free on a local internet recycle site.
I used tongue and groove boards on the back, salvage from a waterbed headboard.

Below you can see where the upper cabinet is sitting on the top of the desk.
There are metal brackets on the back extending over the join and with screws secure them together.


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