PAINTING BEDROOM FURNITURE - using annie sloan chalk paint

It took my husband some time before he
agreed to let me paint our dark wood
bedroom furniture. Like most new
couples we went out and purchased an
expensive set of matching furniture as
our first thing together. I quickly found
it difficult to decorate in the style that
made me happy when all the furniture
was so dark and heavy.

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PLATE WALL DISPLAY - shabby chic style


I have always found the key to creating successful
& wonderful wall displays has always been
to use the things I love and have collected over
time. But more importantly when I want to get
to work building a display I look for items that
have been stored out of sight and out of mind,
like these plates stacked in a pile in the back
of a cupboard. I don't plan a shopping trip to
find new things, like everyone else I have
plenty of things I love right here at home. How
many things do you have stored away that you
could display?

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