I did it ....
I painted a whole chair from the frame to the upholstery.
Everybody else is doing it why not me.
Okay seriously I have painted fabric before but just not to this scale.
I also had not found the right chair and upholstery to work with.
I purchased the chair at a second hand store and the upholstery was all intact,
however the seat fabric had large water marks on it. So a painting I went ...

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors, FRENCH LINEN on the frame and OLD WHITE on the fabric and trim. The fabric took 3 coats with a brush but it's super smooth now like leather. I did not put any additives in the paint.

This fabric is a very heavy weight tapestry fabric and took the paint better than any I have worked
 with in the past. Velvet sucks the paint in like crazy and I don't advise painting it unless you like
spending money. Drop cloth is rough when you paint it but you can sand it smooth. I used the paint
 straight from the can. Different fabrics would need different paint consistencies.

I learned this time around to paint the upholstery first before the frame. 
Do as I say not as I do! 

The wood frame has straighter edges than the fabric making it easier to paint the frame last.

And YES I waxed it all once dried! Same procedure, apply wax, remove excess, then buff.
I am very excited about the possibilities in the future, however I don't think I would
want to paint a piece that you might want to lay on such as a sofa or love seat.
I think this is best saved for occasional and dining chairs.

She is completely washable and if need be re-paintable in the future.

UPDATE: we used the chair for a month in our home, then the chair was used for a couple more months as a demo for painting fabric, then it was sold and used in a normal living room every day.

UPDATE AGAIN: the paint on the upholstery has not cracked since it was first done and
it has now been over 18 months. Because so many people have asked about the chair it
has been brought back to use as a demo for painting fabric.


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