If you follow on Facebook you know George has been bragging about a new desk
I have been working on. Well it's finished and in place in the kitchen.
First thing I feel in love with when I saw this desk was the legs, big surprise huh?
I found it while we were out yard sailing this past weekend.
Then I realized this indented curve in the center would lends its self perfectly to my small space.
That was the moment when the light bulb went on!!!
And when I discussed with George swapping out his desk it was a no brainer.
the words he used when talking about his current desk was "it's fine"
the words he used when I asked about the new desk was "it's pretty cool"

When George is sit here and I have to walk past him it is tight,
with this newer desk there is a bit more room.
It may only be inches but around here every inch counts.

I had planned to strip and stain the top until I found this under the old finish.
So I have simply stripped and waxed instead.

One handle was missing but I had a similar looking pair so I installed them on the middle drawer.

The desk top even got an accessories update.


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