NORTHUMBERLAND BATH CABINET - repurposed glass door

One warm spring evening I was inspired as I passed by
a salvaged glass door I had leaned against the boxwood
hedge. It had been pulled out of storage while I was
looking for something earlier in the day. It came from
a weather beaten mahogany cabinet I found years ago
that was only good as parts for other projects. I wanted
to start creating something around this lonely pane of
glass right away. 

The glass door is long and slim and when I looked at it I envisioned a tall cabinet with glass bottles
 stashed in inside. Cotton balls and Qtips in jars, soft towels folded just so, and piles of soap bars.

If I was going to succeed I need to start with a base cabinet that was strong and
heavy enough to stabilize the weight of this glass door above opening and closing.

In came a very simple drawered cabinet to add long legs to.
Both the cabinet and the legs are made of heavy hardwoods perfect to anchor the whole unit.
The upper cabinet was built with a lot of pine wood helping to keep it much lighter than the bottom.
I painted her in a lightly distressed Pure White and used a clear wax for the finish.

There is a lot of open storage but also a drawer to tuck away smaller items.
It is built in two pieces and can be moved in two pieces,
but it is attached at the back with metal straps when it is in use.



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